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What if we could develop a simple system where people could record a message for their loved ones to access after they passed? Where they could simply push a button and hear a message and receive a hug, a smile, a sense of warmth whenever they needed it. Read more about our beginning.

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Our goal is to have a system that is easy to use, affordable, and widely available. We want people to realize they can leave a message for their family and friends to give them an uplifting experience when they need it the most. We want to enable people to extend their legacy and thoughts past the end of their life. We hope A Sweet Goodbye allows you to do that.



Purchase A Sweet Goodbye as a Gift

Give A Sweet Goodbye as a gift to your family and friends. When you purchase online, you will receive a gift code that can be shared with your chosen recipient to use to create their own message for free.

Common Questions

1Why should I buy this service?
We have all longed to hear the voice of a loved one in our life. A Sweet Goodbye allows you to have the comfort of knowing that you will leave just a bit of yourself for your family and friends through a voice message. We have all wanted to have a hug from our mom, dad or other important family members who have departed. With A Sweet Goodbye voice message, you can leave that warm hug that can be accessed in the future.
2Can I trust my message will be safe and secure?
At A Sweet Goodbye we value your privacy and the security of the information you provide to us. The details of our Privacy Policy can be found here.
3Who can listen to my recorded message?
Your recorded message can only be listened to by you and by your designated recipient(s). Neither the trustee(s) nor anyone else affiliated with A Sweet Goodbye can access your recorded messages. Details of our Privacy Policy can be found here.
4How do I know my message will be delivered?
At A Sweet Goodbye, we go to great lengths to safely store your message. Additionally, you have control of the recipients of your message, and, your list can be edited by you at any time. You will provide us the name(s) of a trusted advisor who will alert us when to notify the recipients you have designated that there is a message waiting for them.
5Can you give me an example of a trusted advisor (trustee)?
Your designated trustee will be alerting A Sweet Goodbye that the time has come for us to notify your recipients that there is a voice message waiting for them from you. You may select a close relative, a close friend, an attorney holding your will, or anyone else of your choosing to be your trustee. You can also designate more than one trustee. A Sweet Goodbye will periodically remind the trustee that you have given them this honor.
6Please explain the pricing
Our pricing is simple and straight forward. For a $25 fee (plus applicable sales tax), you can record and store a voice message that can be up to five minutes in length. You can designate up to 50 recipients of that message. You can also come back and re-record the message without charge within 48 hours of payment. After 48 hours, there will be a $5 fee to change your message (plus applicable sales tax). Note that there may be occasional promotions offered. All prices are in U.S. dollars.
7What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
8How do I go about recording my message?
The device you are using for your message (computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.) must have a microphone to record the message and a speaker to listen to the message. If you happen to be using a computer that does not have a microphone, you should be able to attach an external microphone. You need to allow your browser to use a microphone device.
9How will I know my message has been successfully completed and stored once I have paid and leave the site?
You will receive a confirmation email from A Sweet Goodbye after your transaction is complete. Also, you can return to the site at any time to listen to your message or to make edits to your list of recipients and/or trustee(s).
10How can I learn more about your company?
We would love to have you learn more about us! Click here for “ Who We Are “.
11How can I obtain a refund for a purchase?
You may request a refund in the form of a credit to your account by contacting customer service with the order number and the reason for your request. Due to the nature of the services being provided, we will be unable to provide a refund or credit to your account after the delivery of the content you provided to the recipient(s) you designated.
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